Learning to play football in a fun, family environment and aiding early development skills such as agility, balance and coordination.

A chance for parents and guardians to spend time engaged in reading activities with their child, helping them to lay a solid foundation for their future academic development. Key outcomes have included:

  • Informal, friendly gatherings where parents and carers were able to share challenges of bringing up a small child.
  • Parents and carers were able to come together to socialise with one another in a friendly atmosphere, building friendships and relationships.
  • Children had the opportunity to interact with children of a similar age and participate in a range of activities.
  • Parents and children were able to play together with reading games.
  • Parents adopted similar activities at home, strengthening parent-child bond.
  • Early engagement meant early identification of further educational support.

parent toddler
Evidence of the outcomes was clear and it was good to hear the voice of the young people within the evidence, via their feedback. The case studies illustrated the value of the project outside of the physical benefit.

James Humber

BBC Children in Need, Regional Grants Officer, London & South East
I Just want to say thank you for the great hard work you and your coaches have put in with the children within the community. Thank you for all the different opportunities given to the children.


At Jubilee, we are very lucky to work with the local St. Matthew’s Project... It is great to see so many children keen to go to an educational booster at the end of a school day!

Catherine Reeve

Assistant Headteacher

Family football reading club.

Every Monday, 4.00-5.30pm

Jubilee Primary School, Tulse Hill SW2 2JE

3 – 5 year olds