Interactive wellbeing workshops, designed to examine the variety of influences and exposure to ‘risk’ factors that shape children’s behaviour and attitudes towards carrying a knife

‘One Life: My Choice’ is a knife-crime prevention programme, offering a comprehensive support package to vulnerable young people at critical transition points in their lives, helping to develop their life skills and raise aspirations in order to bring about long-term positive outcomes for individuals who reside in some of the most disadvantaged communities in London.  Participants in primary school are encouraged to explore their own strengths, and how these might benefit them in relationships with others. This is aimed at building their confidence and helping them to identify areas for personal development.

I always thank them for everything I’ve done and for what they’ve done for me…they’re always talking to you. Every single one of them, I’d trust them no matter what.


Aged 18
SMP brings that sense of belonging, cohesion, that team ethos.

PC Adam Barr

Safer Schools Police Officer
Children attending the (SMP) sessions engage with the activities positively and there is a real sense of industry about their attitude to learning.

KS1 Lead

Teacher, Jubilee Primary School