After-School Football Club at Jubilee Primary School for 9-11 year olds.

This gives children the chance to take part in fun, challenging football and coaching activities, which are different from those available in PE lessons or on local housing estates. The sessions are for all abilities, including children who are hearing impaired. All participants have an exit route into SMFC.

After School Sports Club on St Matthew’s Estate for 9-13 year olds.

Following a request from both Lambeth Council and the local Tenants’ and Residents’ Association (TRA), we offer a weekly programme of football, multi-sports and table tennis sessions on the St. Matthew’s Estate, Brixton (SMP’s birthplace). Run in partnership with the TRA, these are aimed at 8 – 13 year olds, for whom there is little alternative provision on the estate.

Cage Football on Tulse Hill Estate for 13-16 year olds.

In response to a request from local councillors, we run weekly ‘cage’ football sessions on Tulse Hill estate targeted at local 12 – 16 year-olds who have been identified as being a cause for concern and at risk of involvement in gangs. The cage is situated just 50 metres from where a young man, a former SMP participant, was murdered. We want to try and get people to feel safer on their estate and also develop a greater sense of community.
Thank you for all the different opportunities given to the children.


SMFC player
It knackers the kids; tires them out so they haven’t got that energy to go home bouncing off the walls and creating problems in their own neighbourhoods…

PC Adam Barr

Safer Schools Police Officer
It keeps him occupied, it keeps him alert; it teaches him a lot of things and it keeps him from that thing where they’re hanging around the block; he sees a lot of the kids.