The first ever F.A Level-2 course to be held in Brockwell Park took place at the end of May. The SMP set up the course, run by the London F.A, for selected local coaches to access – free of charge – avoiding long journeys to usual F.A course venues at Walthamstow and Shooters Hill.

The candidates put in a lot of hard work over the 6 days of the initial practical and theory, often in pouring rain and over the Bank Holiday, to make the inaugural ‘Brockwell Level-2’ a great success and, hopefully, a regular date on the SMP calendar.

The candidates will now go away to work on their topics and return in August for their mock assessments, with the finals in September.

FA tutor Kenny Bremner gets his message across.

    FA Level-2 May 2013      FA Level-2 May 2013      FA Level-2 May 2013