Bambu aims to provide tailored, specialist support to meet the holistic needs of children and young people 11-24y old impacted by domestic abuse in the home, while working in a multi-agency approach. Expert advice and support will be provided by Safe Lives.

Individuals aged 11-15 will be able to access the services provided by the Richmond Fellowship: up to 20 sessions of play therapy, resilience sessions and Child & Adolescent Parent Violence (CAPV) programme.

Individuals aged 16-24 will be able to access the services provided by RISE: Child & Adolescent Parent Violence (CAPV) programme, 6 trauma focused group-work and restorative family sessions and up to 8 individual trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) sessions.

Organisations involved in this service-RISE and DVIP, a division of Richmond Fellowship (RF), are organisations with experience working with Children and young people (CYP) across London work with over 3,000 individuals annually, including services such as Child to Parent Violence programmes, therapeutic services for CYP and programmes for those being abusive in their relationships (including CYP), with an essential integrated victim safety support service.