The SMP actively welcomes volunteers from every background.

And aims to increase the quantity, quality and diversity of young people in volunteering. We also advertise through London Youth, Sported and Streetgames and work closely with Lambeth Borough Council’s Sport & Recreation Services to provide voluntary placements to local young people.

I can only keep on thanking you. Thank you for all the patience, support and kindness you've shown me. For all of my coaching queries and needs, I have turned to you and will probably continue seeking your advice. I'll always fall short of kind words for you. God bless and thank you once again.

FA Level-2 and Run the Club Participant

I just appreciate all the support. I love the people I’ve met within St. Matthew’s. I’ve got the help I needed. It’s just a team-building vibe. And it’s lovely to help other people as well. It’s a charity full of lovely people. It’s a lovely environment to be in. It brings people together and it’s really nice.

Sabrina, aged 18.

The commitment of the staff and the partnership working the project’s officers have engaged in ensures that activities are extremely well attended and that the young people accessing the sessions have the opportunity to further develop as there are a number of exit routes that they can be referred to.

Trevor East

Crime & Disorder Project Manager, Lambeth Council

Realise your potential.

Potential volunteers will be asked to come and meet with the Project Coordinator for an informal discussion to find out what they would like to do, their skills, suitability and how best their potential might be realised with the project, be it on the community side of things or assisting with the running of one of the football teams. Each Volunteer will then be invited in for a taster session where they will assist one of our coaches and get a feel for what we do. Following this taster session, if the volunteer is still interested in assisting at the club and the coaches and project manager feel they are suitable for the project, a trial period of four weeks will follow. An enhanced Disclosure and Barring (DBS) check will be made for every volunteer.

After 4 months volunteering commitment, we will be prepared to put volunteers forward for an F.A Level 1 and/or Level-2 coaching course and other accredited training opportunities, as well as providing a St. Matthew’s Project tracksuit and other branded clothing and a voucher up to the value of £50 for additional sportswear.

volunteer 2

14 of our current paid staff members have all come through the scheme as participants, and then volunteers.

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