Giorgio Wetzl

Lead Volunteer

Giorgio Wetzl
SMP Team you are most involved with?

Saturday Morning Club (6-9yo).


Aside from SMP what team do you support?



And who is your favourite player?

Favourite ever, Alessandro Del Piero. Current favourites, Pogba and Aguero.

How did you get involved with SMP?

I found out about the project (I don’t really remember how) and I emailed Lee to ask if I could come volunteering a day a week. I’m really glad I did that.


What’s your greatest memory or achievement with SMP?

To be fair, every time I see the kids smiling after a session. Or the way they celebrate goals, total absolute passion and joy. Also, seeing them growing and supporting each other inside and outside the pitch is really invaluable.


Give us a piece of coaching advice or tip?

Just have fun in doing it and make sure that kids leave the pitch with a smile on.