Parent & Guardian Club Code of Conduct

  1. Parents must adhere to the code of conduct at all times, recognising that their behaviour reflects upon their child and the St. Matthew’s Project (SMP) as a whole.
  2. We kindly ask parents to demonstrate respect for the Project’s rules and policies, ensuring a positive and supportive environment for everyone involved.
  3. Parents who fail to comply with the code of conduct may be subject to consequences, including verbal warnings, written notices, or temporary suspension from attending SMP activities and SMFC training and matches.
  4. In cases where a parent consistently violates the code of conduct, resulting in disruption or harm to the team or its members, SMP reserves the right to terminate the child’s participation.
  5. It is the responsibility of parents to familiarise themselves with and actively support the code of conduct, ensuring they understand the expectations and consequences outlined within.
  6. Parents are expected to provide a positive and supportive environment for their child’s involvement in sport and lead by example, demonstrating good sportsmanship, respect for others, and fair play both on and off the football pitch.
  7. Parental involvement in the coaching or decision-making process is NOT permitted – parents support, players play and coaches coach.
  8. Show the utmost respect for the referee, remember that they are only human, and never get involved in disputes with any other officials, opponents or spectators. And never go onto the pitch during a match unless asked to do so by the referee.
  9. It is vital for parents to prioritise their child’s well-being and enjoyment, avoiding excessive pressure or unrealistic expectations regarding performance or outcomes.
  10. Never coerce a reluctant child into playing football.
  11. Remember that children participate in football for their own enjoyment, not yours.
  12. Refrain from yelling or criticising your child for losing a game or performing poorly.
  13. Maintain positive language and bear in mind that children learn best through observation and example.
  14. Parents should actively foster a culture of inclusivity and respect, encouraging their child to value and appreciate all teammates and opponents, irrespective of their abilities or backgrounds.
  15. Teach your child to accept defeat graciously and to derive valuable life lessons from it, beyond the realm of football.
  16. Ensure that your child attends training and matches regularly, arrives on time, and has the appropriate clothing, footwear and shin pads.
  17. If you are unable to acquire the appropriate footwear or clothing, we kindly request that they inform a member of staff at SMP so that we can provide the necessary support and assistance.
  18. Help install a sense of respect for the SMP’s rules in your child and encourage them to take responsibility for any consequences that may arise from breaking them.
  19. As part of our commitment to safeguarding and ensuring the safety of all children involved in sessions in Brockwell Park, parents are required to accompany their child to the designated public toilets located in front of the BMX track if their child needs to use the facilities. This policy aims to provide appropriate supervision and ensure the well-being of the children. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this safeguarding guideline.
  20. We also kindly request that you familiarise yourself with the values, principles and club ethos of St. Matthew’s F.C by visiting our website at

Download the Parent’s Code of Conduct